Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i'll get you [my pretty]... and your compost pile too!

I'm in my horrible environmental science lecture with my teacher who is currently showing us a picture of how he practically gutted a deer. Gee thanks but that is really something I didn't need to see. I hate this class so much; this guy (I don't even know his name) shows us pictures of his farm and what he eats for dinner (i.e. organic food he grows in his garden and the only thin unorganic is his beer but he told us he's going to try to ferment his own brand), and he also has shown us pictures of his compost piles. Believe it or not, this man is married. With a kid. And a dog. FML. Aaand now he's showing us pictures of his tractor. Thank God I have this computer. Last time I was doing research on the Cold Stone website.
Can I just say that WHY DID COLD STONE DECIDE TO MAKE CUPCAKES?? Just when I told myself I was going on a pre-spring break diet, they have to go make these 1000 calorie cupcakes with my favorite flavor (cake batter). Damnit. This just means that I'm going to have to wait until next week to start my diet. That or realize that Cold Stone is seriously overpriced. Their "Like It" size is practically $4. Boo.

Speaking of Cold Stone, my roommate and I went there the other day just before the Oscars. We ate and sat in front of our tv and watched as the skinny beautiful people walked down the carpet with their gorgeous dresses.

Some of my Favorites:

SJP in Dior Haute Couture.
WERK IT CARRIE BRADSHAW! Ok, so my mother thought that SJP went a little bit too far, especially because she was nominated for jack squat, but I believe that if you wanna go all out just go all out. Her "barely mint" dress is seriously gorgeous and even though the girls were a little "HELLOHOWAREYA" in the fitted bodice, it still looked classy and perfect. Bravo!

Mickey Rourke in Dolce and Gabbana?
I'm guessing Mickey's in Dolce and Gabbana, but I'm not 100% sure. Well either way, it is very Mickey Rourke and I like it. Argue with me if you want, but it's really true to him. And he is wearing a pendant of his dog Loki, who passed away only six days before. That's pretty cute -cue the aaaaawwwwwws.

Freida Pinto in John Galliano.
Seriously, Freida is my new girl crush. She is absolutely stunning and this dress is beautiful on her -I like how it's a mixture of old Hollywood and also Indian. Usually John Galliano scares me but this is truly stunning.

Natalie Portman in Rodarte.
Simply gorgeous! I love Natalie so much and she has really good taste in clothes. She always looks so put together in anything she wears.

So beautiful! I'm jealous already!


  1. I feel like SJP wears everything she always wanted to wear as a little girl. It's like an inspirational fantasy that I could watch all day. Natalie Portman should become the face of Rodarte she wears their dresses constantly and looks amazing always. Thanks for your comment!


  2. 1000 calories? Ah god, I bet they're worth it though, hahaha x