Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i gave up snack bad snack food... and candy :(

As I am reeling over my recent loss of sugary candy and snacks (I'm typing this while drinking a bottle of Smart Water and eating pretzel sticks) I am coming to realize that spring is in the air! Thank goodness, going to college in the midwest can be a sick joke sometimes. Anyway, it's brighter and fresher and I am beginning to see green everywhere! It also gets me inspired to shop, yay! Here are some ideas:

My wardrobe this summer will consist of shorts, just like every summer past. And this pair of Levi's from Urban Outfitters is amazing! Slouchy denim is definitely in right now. 

American Eagle Skinny Jeans. They are having a sale on all of their jeans, and I think these are like $30! They seriously look like an expensive designer brand of denim and I can tell you (from experience) that their jeans are great. Really comfy. 

Another little ditty from American Eagle, one of my favorite inexpensive places to shop. Seriously, their stuff is sososososo good! And they have about a billion airy scarves in their store right now. They are less than twenty bucks, so stock up! I've already got a red one and I absolutely adore it!

Alright so this is the Viktor and Rolf sequined sweatshirt from their f/w 08 campaign. UUGH it is so beautiful yet super pricy. And because we are in the time of an economic crisis (and also because I really don't think I could spend $1000 on a simple, short sleeved sweatshirt) I think I might try and make myself one from sequins at Michael's craft store and use this less expensive number from James Perse

These jeans are the Current/Elliott Boyfriend jeans at Shopbop.com. They are $218. I think these would work good with cooler summer nights and for having dinner at restaurants near the lake. They are perfect with a fitted t-shirt, like a Splendid V-neck. 

Well there you have it, my spring things I am currently lusting after. Unfortunately I already did some serious damage by buying two new pairs of jeans and a couple of t-shirts, but I think that if you buy for spring, you can practically use the stuff into summer and fall and layer in the winter. 

What are everyone's thoughts on spring shopping?

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  1. for me, spring is my favorite season. one, because I was born in it. two, because it's the best time to dress, you can rock layers or not, since the weather changes a lot. (at least here in the midwest) i probably by the most clothes in march and april.