Friday, February 27, 2009

... like mcadams loves gosling

uhhhh ohhh...
I for sure did something I shouldn't have done...
ok, I know, I know,
I don't have a job lined up currently and I am on 
a college student budget. But can we just take a gander at this glorious thing?? Seriously. It's gold sequins in a cool drapey-waterfall-cascade pattern on black velvet. That's something I never wear/ever think to wear!! But I'm excited and when it comes I'll try to put up some pics!

But anyway... does anyone have any good fashion ideas for spring? or maybe share with us what you bought? And can I just say that ETSY is freaking amazing! There is tons of super cute stuff on that site; you might have to dig a little bit but it's worth it! I was even thinking of putting some stuff up or something :) we'll see though. 

DRESSES ARE LEGIT!!! I am so getting into them now!!
comment and tell me whatcha think lovelies!


  1. nice dress. nice blog too ;)


  2. wut im plannin 2 do dis spring is 2 where more springie dresses wit flat boots, and baggie jean bermudas wit tshirts

    im goin 4 a chill luk

    plus i wana buy shorts cus i dnt hav ne cus i used 2 b fat. so now dat i lost weight i can wear a nice pair of shorts wit a loose shirt nd gladiator sandals.

    (wow dis is realli long i lik ur blog to)

  3. I love ETSY! It's so zanka! Dresses are my life and right as I tend to not wear pants. In the summer/spring I live in dresses and gladiators-a look that just doesn't deserve to go out of style. Inspiration= Roman Holiday, Romeo + Juliet, Sesame Street, Georgia O'Keefe, and bicycle cards, and flamenco. Thanks for your comment!